Ganesh Is Not Found in Money but Love

Ganesh Is Not Found in Money but Love


We come in a fleet,

We come to sit at your table,

To wash your feet,

For some of us have small or big feet,

For clown shoes are larger than life,

And our shoes are large enough to stand in,

As we stand in yours,

Bubbles last longer than kites,

For the thermals in the smiles

blow a warm wind,

And we are floating on winds of change,

That see ourselves in each other.


I see deformaties in faces,

I see eyes that are blind yet memories the butterflies of hope,

For Missionaries of Charity,

Are indeed sisters of mercy,

And they have found home in big hearts,

That look after the abandoned,

The rejected,

The forlorn,

In dirty clothes washed in lives so worn,

Yet we found the beauty in the destitute,

We found laughter as restitude,

For our gratitude was to see your smiles,

Peace is in the smiles that never give up,

For life is the long race,

It is to find the human race on streets of great discomfort,

For there is little love,

Little joy in a mouth full of dirt,

As society sees refuse,

Where we refuse to see what doesn’t fit,

For every puzzle is a missing peace,

And there is no person unworthy of love,

For love sees through the lies and deception,

And gives a warm reception,

As unconditional love is a beautiful mind,

In a broken body,

An enlarged head,

In malfunction,

Yet in truth the only malfunction is the withholding of love,

And we are only clowns,

Yet doves in disguise,

For we wear masks,

To enable yours to come off,

Reminding all of their value,

For to balance the scales of justice,

One must give more than one receives,

For so many are taking,

At the expense of so many,

Thinking they see Ganesh in money,

Yet the only god is the love that sees all as family,

That sees giving as the real charity of piety,

In sobriety we celebrate each eternal life,

For it could be me on the streets,

I could be beaten broken and bruised,

I could be drug affected,


Scraping through hungry for food,

So as I connect my heart to yours,

As I look deeply into your eyes,

I say ‘I love you’,

I hug you and squeeze,

So that your body hears my silent words,

For we came to give to you,

To pay tribute to your struggle,

To make you giggle,

To make you wriggle and be a child,

For it is in being wild that our true natures are set free,

To simply be in this life,

A flower in a desert storm,

An acorn about to blossom,

For always there is growth

after the rain.

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”


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