Finding India Beyond the Masks

Finding India beyond the Masks

Eating with hands,
Street stands,
Bedlam is normal,
As life buzzes like mosquitoes,
And chaos is organised,
All people have places to go,
Family circles that grow,
Weddings, funerals, dreams,
That are seamless,
To the seamstress who weaves this culture together,
In one melting pot,
Where curry is the real currency of unity.

India wears many masks and veils,
Expressions giving rise to impressions,
Customs, traditions, gender and slaves,
A tropical heat wave,
That is a mirage,
Yet real,
Yet concealed,
For I am here to know what is real in India,
Beyond myths and legends,
Where the magic is the tapestry,
For we are weaving our thoughts,
We are weaving our smiles,
We are weaving a new social fabric,
Where all is a humanitarian clown,
Where no more do we frown,
But learn of the blessing of life,
And death,
For health is the wealth that climbs out of poverty,
Education is the voice that learns to sing,
For as we all sing,
We become the one song,
And this is the joke all clowns know,
As the magic carpet is to learn to cooperate,
To fly where fools fear to venture,
For this is the adventure,
Of the fool,
It is the earth school,
That lays the ground work,
For peace on earth.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”


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