More to Life than Money – UK to Measure Happiness

Happiness is no longer a woolly subject…



Government ‘planning to measure people’s happiness’

Critics wonder whether happiness can truly be measured Continue reading the main story

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6 Sept 2012, NGOs near Chennai, India

International Justice Mission, Chengalpet, Chennai

Today we were up early to go to the International Justice Mission. We were informed on the bus we were doing a show which didn’t leave any preparation time. As a group of clowns we… Continue reading

Belen Project in Peru: Clowning, Art as a Bridge Away from Violence

This video below provides information about poor conditions in Peru and using art and clowning as a bridge away from violence. Patch Adams created the gesundheit institute which has funded this project. Patch is promoting a campaign against child abuse… Continue reading

Patch Adams: Global Outreach of Humanitarian Clowns

To be a clown is to realise love through humour.  Those of us who choose to clown to bring love and peace to the world, do so by example.  I recall Patch saying on the Healing with Humour… Continue reading

A Fool for Harmony

I was invited to travel 400km north of Perth on Harmony Day.

I spent a long and enjoyable trip talking to my driver, a Chaplain about peace and love. It was inspiring. I met his lovely wife Jenny and child… Continue reading

2012 the Year for Joyful Celebration

I am about to clown at a school tomorrow.  I am travelling 400 km out of Perth to a rural school. I am staying overnight with a chaplain and we were talking about happiness. He was quick to point… Continue reading

Happiness and Honesty in Hanoi



Happy holidays,

I wish you a happy life,

Don’t despair over my computer’s disrepair,

It is only an object,

For I feel people are important.


I came to Vietnam to give to Vietnam,

I didn’t come… Continue reading

Happiness is the Sunrise of Your Life

Happiness is the sunrise,

Of a new day,

The dew drops are crystal chandeliers,

Adorning the flower of new hope,

For everything feels fresh and alive,

The aroma is sweet and enticing,

Energy radiates in all directions,

For the spirit… Continue reading

All Roads Lead to Happiness





Is the mother of pearl,

Shimmering beyond the hard shell.


Cooperation is the harmony of shared interest,

That seeks to work together,

For the greater good.


Kindness is an unspoken warmth,… Continue reading

Happiness is the Name for Friendship


Happiness is the name for friendship,

Love is the name for peace,

Truthfulness is the name for courage,

Faith is the name beyond belief,

And what a relief it is to feel the meaning of life is in my… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”



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