Peter Spitzer an Australian Clown Doctor Obituary

Dr Peter Spitzer, founder of the  Australian Clown Doctor program



David Symons


PETER SPITZER, 1946-2014

Send in the clowns: Dr Peter Spitzer.  Photo: Adam McLean

Dr Peter Spitzer… Continue reading

18 Sept 2012, Jawadhi Hills: Clowning for Jawadhi Tribes

We had to get up at 5am on Tuesday morning to take a bus to Jawadhi Hills. We stopped briefly on the road. Toot and I got out and what I find so refreshing about her is that she starts… Continue reading

17 Sept 2012, India, Vellore: Clowning at Hope House and Orphanages


Today we started around 5pm.  We headed to Hope House.  I was told the owners of this orphanage for HIV girls was a physiotherapist who adopted a daughter with HIV, he decided to help the children. I… Continue reading

6 Sept 2012, NGOs near Chennai, India

International Justice Mission, Chengalpet, Chennai

Today we were up early to go to the International Justice Mission. We were informed on the bus we were doing a show which didn’t leave any preparation time. As a group of clowns we… Continue reading

Finding the Magic of Life


Clowning around town, Finding the magic of life, It lives in your smile, For the silent mime is watching your mirror, The juggler is a balancing act, The children’s clown finds the levee of humour,… Continue reading

5 Sept Vellore India: Clowning in Hospitals

We woke up at 6.30am to be ready for 8am to go to the CMC Hospital. We had 4 auto rickshaws for the clowns. Balloons were tied to the rickshaws and we all looked very colourful. As we travelled through… Continue reading

3 Sept 2012: Seb’s Project, Vellore, India

3 September 2012

Our first outing as a group was to go to Seb’s Projects and meet the friends of Tim who had organised our trip.   We were to be briefed about Seb’s Projects, meet each other and… Continue reading

2 Sept 2012 Travelling Perth to Vellore, India

I caught Jetstar to Singapore and tried to rest on the flight. I had to wait 4 hours in Singapore to catch the 9.15 flight to Chennai (formerly Madras) in India. I met a lovely couple on the plane. The… Continue reading

Patch Adams: The Peace and Love of Clowns

This is a short film showing the love of clowns reaching out to the people. Patch Adams has been clowning to create that brighter future for more than 25 years. I love all the rainbow colours and see the beauty… Continue reading

Belen Project in Peru: Clowning, Art as a Bridge Away from Violence

This video below provides information about poor conditions in Peru and using art and clowning as a bridge away from violence. Patch Adams created the gesundheit institute which has funded this project. Patch is promoting a campaign against child abuse… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”



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