Conjoined Indian Children Given Successful Operation in Australia


In their own bodies at last: Conjoined baby twins abandoned by poverty-stricken parents are successfully separated in gruelling 12-hour operation

  • Indian sisters Aradhana and Stuti had a fused liver and shared a heart membrane

By Claire Bates

PUBLISHED: 08:19… Continue reading

HIV Aids in India 2.39 million

 I did some clowning with a group of 31 HIV kids near Chennai. My reflection afterwards that hopefully laughter and joy would help them stay in remission. I was told by an Italian Priest that he had observed… Continue reading

6 Sept 2012, NGOs near Chennai, India

International Justice Mission, Chengalpet, Chennai

Today we were up early to go to the International Justice Mission. We were informed on the bus we were doing a show which didn’t leave any preparation time. As a group of clowns we… Continue reading

Belen Project in Peru: Clowning, Art as a Bridge Away from Violence

This video below provides information about poor conditions in Peru and using art and clowning as a bridge away from violence. Patch Adams created the gesundheit institute which has funded this project. Patch is promoting a campaign against child abuse… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”



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