26 Sept 2012: Leaving India


We had our last gig cancelled on Wednesday.  I was happy about that as it was time to think about packing and going home. Nice to have a relaxed day. My flight didn’t leave until 1.15am and the others left around 12.30am.

So we had a workshop with Stephen Hawkings on how theate expands the liminal space and changes the rules. He started the session with a leader/follower exercise. I do this exercise in my own workshops. One person takes the lead and leads the other with their finger, then they swap over. He did another exercise where one hand leads the other follows at the same time. I found that interesting. During the exercise he did say ‘work against the hand’ so basically feeling how resistance works when you are following the hand. He had a discussiona roudn that, it is not easy to resist and pull away. When we are faced with conflict we resist, react to conflict.

We had a brainstorm session about issues people would like to work on, some of the issues were: harmony, understanding, abuse, dishonesty, love, trust, self esteem, knowledge, filling gaps, prosperity, equality, corruption, self actualisation, self efficacy, creating the life you want, community, freedom, racism, cooperation, creating and oneness.

Then he asked us to choose some of these themes join groups and create an image. We were to work in silence and create a physical expression, characters and big ideas. He then asked people to explain their sculpture, what they were doing and ideas. Everyone does own thing, there are multiple meaninings and freship is there in safety.

Some explored oppression. There was a woman standing over the group and she indicated they were trash, in her way, she ignored them, called them wrong. There was discussion around step out of role, find boundaries and society. Everyone is suffering.

It was interesting to hear people explain why they did their poses, some were helping others, others were oppressing, pushing away. Stephen looked fo rthe root causes, factors to flush out the scene in our urles.

He then asked people to select words e.g. harmony, we formed 3 groups and created 3 plays. We were to look at what is the problem but not what is going to change. That would happen later in live theatre. This was called forum theatre and you can change the outcome. For example our play was called Family Agenda. The issue was harmony so we had to act out a father oppressing his daughter who wanted to go to school. I played the traditional grandmother who thought it was ridiculous for girls to go to school as they should serve their husbands and families. I kept upholding the traditional discourse whilst the daughter and mother pushed for change. The father of course suppressed the mother and the other children watched. The boy modelled on the father and so on. Had we more time we would have looked for solutions for harmony but unfortuntely we were in a restaurant and we ran out of time.

We finished the workshop and I went to the internet cafe. I came back and thought everyone had gone to lunch. Santosh came and said they were in the restaurant. So I joined them.

Later in the day it was time for Obiddi to go.  We will all miss him.  For me he was a light definitely, an experienced performer and multi talented in music and clowning.  He had a beautiful energy and I felt he really made this trip special.  We walked him to the auto rickshaw and gave hugs.  He is off to a special place of peace he told me.  I feel he is a person of peace.  I will miss him.

The afternoon slowly faded, some of us went and watched some tv all piled onto the bed.  There were some bad but funny B rated American films on t.v.  We ended up tickling each other.  I love Jo she sees me as a mum, something I’ve never seen in myself, I smile.  She is cheeky with a dry sense of humour and I do get her.  I enjoy her company and banter.  So the tickling started as she is ticklish and then we turned on Santosh, Brett then tickled Lennon and he has a great laugh.  It was so lovely to tick and just be big kids.  We are all good at that. 

Ami came in with candles and said we are meeting outside to do a ceremony for Tim.  Tim had his eyes closed and one by one each person came to him and lit the candle. Symbolically he had lit the candle within each of us.  We all said something special to him.  He was given a yin/yang necklace I believe which he loved.  We surrounded him and did kissing machine as we had with Gerri and Anup.  Basically you just kiss on the head, it is like a massage.  I recall Ami also doing a long OMMM, which is placing positive energy into the atmosphere around the person.  I really loved that as well.  So a lot of good vibe happening and goodwill, that for me is world peace. 

Tim did a lot of work behind the scenes his mother told me and he truly rose to the challenge.  He is dedicated to creating a better world and he can walk away feeling a deep sense of success by bringing together people to see the best in themselves, to develop themselves not only in performance but as community.  Always there are challenges when people come together, it was his first time leading and I am sure it was invaluable for him. 

Later we got organised in a bus.  We headed to the airport.  It was hard to say goodbye.  Always I wish I had time to say the things I needed to say, but it was not to be.  We all hugged each other, it was a special moment.  I cried in Margarites arms (Tim’s mum an angel) letting go of India.     I was glad the girls were leaving with me, nice to be with friends when usually I travel alone.

We all checked in.  Margarite got held up at customs, so I waited with her.  There was not a lot of time left, I encouraged the others to go.  They all made it to the plane.  I waved at them and Toot, I felt a special connection and know we will meet again clowning.  She was indeed a peace clown and I feel we may be able to work together in the future.  We deeply love humanity.

I then got organised and caught my plane to Singapore.   I spent the day in Singapore and noted the modern buildings and high rise as far as the eye could see.  This was one of the Asian Tigers and you could see the development.  A very western city.  I was surprised to learn that a big ship was created and placed across 3 skyscrapers, it was the biggest swimming pool in the world.  I wondered about earth changes as I walked around.  Whilst it can feel so comfortable and familiar in a capitalist society that is clean and modern feeling, in truth the planet is being collapsed by such demand, it is not sustainable with nature and in truth people are not happy.  So I just moved through this space.  I noticed a celebration of life and art.  I saw some quotes on the power of play which made me smile.  Perhaps people are waking up. 

I did meet up with some women from Perth briefly and had lunch which was nice.  We talked of refugees.  I do feel there is a deep misunderstanding in Australia about the reality of refugees.  I feel a deep acceptance of this ignorance as you can’t possibly know the reality unless you are in a war zone and on a leaky boat.  Most Australians have no idea of what it is like to live in poverty and terror.  So I can find space for acceptance and peace of different ideas.  I try to put my view in to open the mind to the possiblity that there are always two sides.  Sometimes people are closed to considering as they believe the media.  I am okay with that.  I have no desire to challenge.

I arrived back in Australia with a big smile.  I felt I have changed, I sensed the love frequency within myself.  My life is dedicated to love and peace and I will deepen and share this.

I feel a deep priviledge to have met the people of India.  I saw them as equals, I saw their goodwill and humour and I am grateful to hug and love them.  I feel a humility in being a clown.

I feel so happy.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


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