Happiness is the Sunrise of Your Life

Happiness is the sunrise,

Of a new day,

The dew drops are crystal chandeliers,

Adorning the flower of new hope,

For everything feels fresh and alive,

The aroma is sweet and enticing,

Energy radiates in all directions,

For the spirit is keen to exercise,



All strive for happiness,

Yet all take happiness away,

Moments shrink,

For as we think,

Our negative beliefs are the conductors,

Of inner turmoil,

And this is the soil that turns bad seed after good.


So grow your flower,

Give it plenty of optimistic sunshine,

Live in fertile soil,

Quench your thirst with water,

Allow the dew to touch your upturned face,

Nurture harmonious conditions,

In every season,

Be sensitive to the garden ecosystem,

For all grow together,

Showing diversity within unity,

For all have a place in this flower bed,

They come and go,

In a cycle of life and death,

That is the cycle of life eternal,

For you are a being of great beauty,

And happiness is your seed,

That blossoms,

Under perfect conditions.


Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”


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