Happiness and Honesty in Hanoi



Happy holidays,

I wish you a happy life,

Don’t despair over my computer’s disrepair,

It is only an object,

For I feel people are important.


I came to Vietnam to give to Vietnam,

I didn’t come for a holiday,

And I am not a rich tourist,

I believe in kindness,

I believe in care,

I believe in helping people



I did become stressed,

For I got a shock,

And I did get upset,

But I do believe in fate,

And I can wait,

For good always returns,

Fortune finds its way,

Into each persons heart.


The world has become focused on money,

And the West has lost its way,

Where money and status have meaning,

Yet in reality it has no meaning,

And much unhappiness has been caused,

Many people are unsatisfied,

For money doesn’t bring security,

Life experience does.


The happy life is speaking  honestly,

The honest life is seeking happiness,

The kind life gives a smile,

The harmonious life seeks to find the middle ground.


For when each of us give to each other,

There is no poverty,

There is no sadness,

For we see our family in each others eyes,

No matter the culture.


So make of your hotel a family,

For many feel they are strangers,

And many will come back to visit,

Many will love you,

For they will see you care,

And that is rare,

In a world where there is not enough.


So I wish you good fortune,

I wish you a happy life,

Find what makes you truly happy,

And follow it,

For life is meant to be happy,

And free,

And exciting,

You will see,

Thank you for giving me a place

To rest,

I am grateful for the space,

In a foreign country,

It is a home,

For home is where we feel,



Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”


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