All Roads Lead to Happiness





Is the mother of pearl,

Shimmering beyond the hard shell.


Cooperation is the harmony of shared interest,

That seeks to work together,

For the greater good.


Kindness is an unspoken warmth,

That gives to another,

Without seeking return,

For even as life is cruel,

And hearts are cold,

The eyes are soft and caring,

For they always see the truth beyond actions.


Peace is the friendship that wants to know you,

That sees all as brothers and sisters,

A family of diversity,

Yet related in a desire to live in acceptance of difference,

For the benefit of all,

For the call of friendship,

Hears no criticism of you,

Sees no error with you,

Accepts you as you are,

For they see the friend-ship as the bridge of peace,

That finds the way to meet you in the middle,

To cuddle you when you are lost,

To find you when you feel tossed,

For a true friend is always present,

In the moment of your greatest need,

And this is the creed of a family crest,

That never waves when you leave.


Love is the reflection in the mirror,

That sees only beauty,

A recognition,

That you are the gift of life,

Above suspicion

Beyond belief,

Each thought a leaf that drops from the tree of your life,

To recycle life ideas and concepts,

To see which grows or is cast adrift,

For the love that floats

Flows with an inner course,

Finding the ocean of possibility.

Is the loving opportunity,

To share your beauty with the world,

For only those who love you will see you without fault,

And this is the salt of the earth,

That knows love is in the eye of the beholder,

Of truth.


May all roads lead back to happiness,

May all hearts unite,

May the world awaken from its state of separation,

To find life as the preparation,

For the final journey home,

As the veil lifts of lies and misconceptions,

As the song is learned from its inception,

That harmony is the true nature of our heart,

And it is the beat,

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”


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