A Fool for Harmony

I was invited to travel 400km north of Perth on Harmony Day.

I spent a long and enjoyable trip talking to my driver, a Chaplain about peace and love. It was inspiring. I met his lovely wife Jenny and child Samuel. They showed me a photo of his eyes shining, so open and sweet, full of smiles he was.

When we got to the school, I transformed into a World Peace Clown. I love putting on the makeup and then heading on out there. It was funny the Principal was speaking to the school, the Chaplain ducked in to encourage me out there at assembly. You can never be discreet when a clown, every head turns the moment you turn up. They cannot take their eyes off you. So the Principal lost her audience and the clown gained a school.

I jokingly snuck up behind her and put on my jesters hat. The kids were all laughing and I pulled faces at them and then encouraged them to listen to their illustrious leader. I then went back into the classroom as I knew they wouldn’t focus with this bright, colourful clown in their presence.

I had 4 classes rotate into my classroom. I was there on Harmony Day. I asked them what is harmony? Some thought it was about different cultures. I said what about that? They were unsure of the feeling of harmony. So I told them we clowns hug everyone, which we do. I went up and demonstrated to the excited smiles of children. I told them harmony is not just about agreeing with people it is about being yourself but being in harmony with all people, whether they are different or not. There is an activity where kids put their hands together in resistance and then flow back and forth in well err harmony. I explained you can have a disagreement and flow with people by asking questions, seeking to understand others and learning more. We can have our different views as we are all unique and that is fine. Harmony always feel’s good and it creates unity.

I have a ball that is like a molecule, I say it is the harmony atom, all parts connect like a polyhedron. On my polyhedron ball, there was a few parts broken, I said when we are not in harmony some parts detach and break away. Yet we are all part of the one structure, harmony means we are connected. We are in cases where people feel apart, in truth it is our mind that changes that. I also got out my juggling balls and showed them the natural flow of harmony through juggling that sometimes we start with one ball (you) and then might talk to another (two) and then if we are in conflict a third party might come in and help the two to understand each other. When in harmony the energy flows normally.

I pulled out my twirling ribbon and told them as I twirled they were receiving harmony magic as I twirled it over their heads, they loved that. I also pulled out bubbles and said it is positive thoughts, so everytime you think of positive or happy thoughts, think of bubbles. We can gather those bubbles and we can share them.

I had the kids dress up as clowns and showed them cooperation as harmony through funny walks and laughter. The importance of having a good laugh together and telling jokes that are fun. I kept asking the kids how they are feeling. They said happy, that is harmony I reminded.

I saw these sweet faces upturned with absolute love shining out of their eyes. I was told later they hadn’t seen a clown so it was really amazing for them to see their first clown. At lunchtime I ate with the kids some were just staring at me taking in the spectacle of the clown or wanting to know about what is in my bag. They were so sweet and fun. I clowned around with them, and also massaged a few adults. I like to include the teachers and parents as well, as well all need to be jollied. I just joke around as I see it and connect with everyone.

In my world everyone is acceptable. I feel all problems can be solved if not between people certainly within each of us. We are here to share a beautiful planet, to enjoy the diversity shimmering all around us and to be happy.

So on this April Fools day I share the love of a fool for peace.

Have fun and don’t be scared to joke around, even if others are looking very serious. Often behind those serious eyes is a child waiting to come out.

Peace and harmony.

Peacefull :)

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”


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