30 April: Enjoying the Nature of Ghara, Nepal

30 April

I did some teaching on communication which is outlined in the previous blog. After teaching I had a rest and when I came out Krishna, Kailash, Kumari and another teacher were about to go to the temple. So I said I’d join them. We went up there and the priest asked for some money and gave blessings by placing a dot on their heads and some coconut. Kailash took a photo and then we went behind the temple and meditated. I felt wonderful looking at the mountains on all sides. You could hear the water rushing from the river down below. Krishna said his head was hurting (too much thinking) and he needed to rest it. I had to smile he only lasted meditating 5 minutes and then started chatting. It was funny as I was meditating I got the distinct feeling they were going to play a trick on me and leave me and let me open my eyes with no-one there. I opened my eyes and reported to Krishna what I felt was going to happen; he said how did I know that? They were speaking Nepalese. I said in meditation I got the distinct feeling of this plan unfolding. It is so interesting, we are all linked and it is a common universal language. If we can quieten ourselves long enough to listen within I do believe we are all linked that gives you a sense of the oneness, we are all one.

We then walked down from the temple and we walked through the fields. We found some yellow berries and black berries. We picked them. I did get my hand in some stinging nettle and guessed at a leaf to rub on it hoping it would take away the pain. It worked over time. Then the others got a wrap (shawl) and wacked the tree and the berries fell off. Kumari and Krishna were holding it open. It is a good idea and I am sure as children they have all done this. Then suddenly they dropped the cloth and the berries fell. We ended up eating them off the ground.

We walked further up some stone steps and saw some fresh spring water. It was just flowing out of narrow bamboo pipes. I tasted it and it was lovely and pure. They have a great deal of spring water which is a great supply.

We then walked back to Regina Guesthouse and we had dinner together. We made a habit of sitting in the kitchen with biny our hostess as she cooked. We drank medicine which is Roxy the local home brew. We were given little bits to eat as we sat there. She made little vegetable curries, or lentil mix or gave me some bread. It was a beautiful environment sitting by a primitive fireplace and exchanging experiences. There is no television, we are just living in the moment and having a really nice exchange in simple surroundings. I really loved it.

Biny works incredibly hard. She is up at 4am and is working constantly until 10 or 11pm at night. She has pain in her back from bending over scrubbing, cooking, watching over children and washing dishes. A woman’s life is not easy and her work is expected in society. She also has a garden to tend and wheat to thresh and then getting the grains and crushing them for bread. Everything is handmade here so life is a lot of work. She is the most kindly person and always smiling but I do see the tiredness in her eyes. She did tell me she was happy but I sense she doesn’t know how life could be with labour saving devices. She has to light the fire to cook, if the power is out she does this by fire and candle light. She has 3 children two of which are going to boarding school, it is not easy for her to be separated but it is life in Nepal. They need the money to fund their education. She works for them.

So I’ve been massaging her back and she appreciates it. I gave her husband some training on how to use it and left the massager with her. She has been so kind with giving me hot water when I needed it, feeding me and her lovely kind giving presence. She told me at 4am she is praying every morning, she is deeply spiritual and of course you have to be to live such a hard life, it is what gives you the strength to keep on. She is a powerful woman.

Krishna, Kailash, Dunbar and Kumari are working very hard also with the teacher training. I feel empathy for all their hard work, they are competent. They put in a full day and it is mentally very tiring. There is around 38 teachers on the program and all the materials are developed by hand. So it is hand written, cut out and organised. They compiled teaching materials to teach the teachers and then produced teacher packs for them to take away to their schools.

In the evening I was invited to come and play cards with the teaching team. I taught them snap and we all laughed as we tried to snap when we saw a double card and get there faster than others. It was fun sitting there and playing games. I contemplated my own culture watching television and working hard but few having time to play together. I really see the importance of community building whilst I am here and to build long lasting relationships. There is so much detachment in my culture and there can be closed heartedness in my country and I sense we are all taught to be professional and keep a distance when really what makes life juicy is the close relationships we can form. Please note this is not all people, I’ve met many good people who are kind but there is a cultural tendency through our working lives to close off from others as we are too busy and distracted.

We are here to be happy not rich. The true wealth is harmony and learning how to be community in a balanced positive way, it is an extension of family and it is what makes communities strong. It will lead us to a culture of peace.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”


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