2012 the Year for Joyful Celebration

I am about to clown at a school tomorrow.  I am travelling 400 km out of Perth to a rural school. I am staying overnight with a chaplain and we were talking about happiness. He was quick to point out it is not about high’s and lows. Where we get what we want and are happy then something happens, we are disappointed and feeling bad. He was quick to say it is about joy, that comes from within. Of course he is right. I feel so much joy. I have no home, no partner, no kids (that I know of ha ha), but I experience a joy i cannot describe. I am not lonely just really happy and I feel so free. Of course I am a clown and how amazing is life when you look through the eyes of a clown. You don’t need any things to make you happy. You just feel every moment is fantastic, every moment is new and you can enjoy the moment. You don’t even have to entertain yourself with thoughts, you can just ‘be’ in the moment enjoying life. For life is short. Best to live in alignment with what is your truth. That is a little secret. :)

Here is a poem I wrote tonight quickly. Have to get some clown rest so I can clown at a school tomorrow and share my joy with kids, can’t wait.

2012 the Year for Joyful Celebration

Is defined as luck,
Yet some say you make your own luck,
Do you make your own happiness?
Do you make it with dough?
Do you wait for your smile to rise?
Or does happiness cost you?
Paying for gym’s, beauticians and restaurants?
Buying happiness everyday?
Or do you find it in a good job?
In status, a nice partner, and double story house?
Is that your story?
Or perhaps you pass the buck?
Does that make you happy?
Do you look around outside yourself,
And grasp for things,
Anything for a moment of satisfaction?
To keep boredom at the door?
But you feel empty to the core?
Is this happiness?
Or is it fleeting?
Like sands through an hour glass?
Or a singing bowl?
Is it a secret seeing,
In the pond of your heart?

Happiness when seen within is known,
When all that happens is owned,
Perhaps this is the crowning,
Of a never ending story,
Or even a crown of thorns,
As you hear the horns blown,
For love heals all wounds,
As it looms larger than life,
Rises as e-steem above all storms,
For this is a natural law that has no order,
Breathing happiness into all moments,
Is an ancient breath,
Finding the reed,
Playing the infinite tune,
Of our true nature.

True happiness is joy,
It doesn’t come in toys or pretty packages,
It is a reaching within to find the sunrise,
And this is the surprise in disguise,
Seen through irises,
As Isis,
An irridescent light shining,
Your eyes twinkling with realisation,
That no matter the situation,
Whether homeless and destitute,
Or a prostitute,
A banker,
A mother,
You will see a diamond in those brilliant eyes,
For no matter what life sends,
Loves eyes sparkle,
Infinite wealth in great poverty,
Infinite health in great illness,
Infinite hope in hopelessness,

Did you know all angels come by stealth,
Love is the dove in many guises,
It is the wisest,
In the silence it arises,
For life can mask true beauty,
Through beggars, liars, tricksters,
Life reveals the lesson not the act,
For when we re-act,
We are acting again,
Yet in the moment joy is found,
We stand on solid ground,
We drop the mask to reveal the true identity,
Is not attached to the ego,
But the authentic self,
This is the true self that mirrors life,
In a room full of mirrors,
You may catch a glimpse of the  faces of elfs,
In innocent selves coming in many colours,
That smile in the face of problems,
And laugh when all goes wrong,
Giggle when they wriggle,
For they see the song not the discord,
As harmony finds what is in common,
Joy is the song bird singing a long song,
Endlessly in one’s ear,
For 2012 is the year for joyful
To find joy is a choice and a voice,
And you can start the party,
Any time.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”


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